5 Killer Hacks To Become A Top Rated Seller On Fiverr


Going through the leveling system on Fiverr is one goal aside from monetary goals to set for yourself.

And I must first apologize. Nothing about what you’re going to read is technically a “hack”, so I guess I may have used clickbait there…oops.

In fact, I was more happy to become a level 1 seller then a level 2 seller than to be setting new records for my monthly profits.

The top level on Fiverr is known as the top rated seller, which has a bunch of perks along with the title. It’s not exactly an easy title to gain, though.

It’s understood through some forum posts and personal experience that the only way to become a top rated seller is to be hand picked by some of the staff.

But really, how can someone manage such a seemingly daunting task?

Let me help you through this process by revealing my top 5 killer tips to become a top rated seller.

What You Will Learn

  • The basic requirements to become a top rated seller
  • 5 killer tips to help you achieve this success
  • Some of the perks of becoming a TRS

Becoming a top rated seller is not exactly an easy task. For some it’s taken a year or more to achieve.

The good news is that it’s completely worth it, and if you stick it out and gain this title you’ll significantly see an increase in sales. Fiverr loves top rated sellers.

The Requirements Of Becoming A TRS

Becoming a top rated seller can be quite difficult, yes. But don’t let this discourage you from striving to achieve this goal!

There are a bunch of requirements for this level, but let me show you the big ones:

  • Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
  • VERY low cancelation rate
  • Prove yourself to be a leader in the community
  • Exceptional customer care

There are more requirements, so you can view Fiverr’s official list along with the perks that come with the title here.


Alright, that’s really not too bad. Just keeping your mind focused on treating your gigs like a business will help an immense amount to meet these goals. What else could you do, though?

5 Tips To Become A Top Rated Seller

Alright, we’ve now gotten to the good part!

You’re about to begin reading my top 5 tips to becoming a TRS, but you should be aware that none of these are guaranteed to bring you abundant wealth or success in the Fiverr community.

In reality it’s going to take hard work and dedication no matter what you really do. These tips should help to speed up the process a little bit, though.

Quick Response Time

I’ve gotten a ton of $5 tips from my customers just from having a very quick response time. In fact, my accounts average response time is about an hour.

The quicker your response time, the more Fiverr and your customers seem to love you.


An awesome way to keep your response time up is to download the Fiverr app. It’ll send you push notifications for both messages and any new sales you’ve gotten.

This app has really helped me to step up my seller game and seem that much more professional. It enables you to stay on top of your account even when you’re not at home which is priceless.

Actively Visit The Forum

One of the major ways for staff to notice you is to be an active member on the forums.

Doing everything you can to help other users will definitely get you noticed, and being an active poster is another one of the requirements for top seller status anyways.


There’s a ton of different categories for you to post in like “tips for sellers”, “tips for buyers”, “improve my gig”, and many more. These all open up new ways for you to becoming an active contributor and to get your name noticed by the staff members.

Obviously you’ll be loved more if you go out of your way to help other sellers or buyers who have posted questions, so it’s recommended to do that instead of making pointless posts.

Over Deliver

Nothing makes the customer more happy or more likely to buy from you again than getting more than what they paid for.

Making sure to do your best work and going out of your way to give the customer an awesome experience is something that’ll definitely get noticed.

If you’re the guy that’s always known for delivering good work and exceeding expectations, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you’ll start getting more sales?


One of the things I sell are videos and people have to send me their logos. I’ll occasionally get one that still has a background even though it needs to be transparent, and I’ll go ahead and remove the background for them free of charge.

This has made many of my customers happy and it’s even resulted in getting some $5 tips. Over delivering in your work always pays off!

Be Clear In Your Gig Description

There have been some times where my customers didn’t understand something in my gig, and this resulted in an order cancellation.

One thing you do NOT want is many (if any) cancellations as this can really mess up your potential to becoming a TRS.


If you notice this happening, you should edit your gig description and describe exactly what your buyer will be receiving if they were to order your gig.

When you’re very clear as to what your buyer will be receiving upon ordering your gig, there’s a lot less of a chance for cancellations.

Of course you may get the occasional customer who doesn’t read your description very carefully and still cancels anyways, but that’s just a part of business.

For the most part you should be safe as long as you describe your gig very carefully and thoroughly.

The Customer Is Always Right

Yep, we’re going there.

Let’s face it, there can be some very irritating and incompetent customers that we have to deal with.

The other cold truth is no matter how ignorant they seem to be, they’re always right and you have to treat them like they are.

Being rude or just not seeming to care about what they say can bring you a bad review in no time flat, and that’s not something you need. A bad review can literally kill a gig.


It also doesn’t look good to the Fiverr staff when they’re reviewing your account for a potential TRS position and your account has some bad reviews on it.

This is just one of the situations where we have to bite the bullet and deal with the occasional bad customer and give them the best quality service we can.

Wrapping It Up

Becoming a top rated seller in Fiverr isn’t exactly something I’d call easy, but it is definitely worth going after.

Being an active and helpful seller in all aspects of Fiverr from the Forums to having a quick response time are all things that’ll definitely help you to reach your goal.

If you have any questions or have something else you’d like me to address in a future article be sure to let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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